Civil Law

Consultative and contentious advocacy involving issues of a civil nature, always in search of the best legal diagnosis and the solution appropriate to the needs of the client.

We work in several areas related to health, such as hospital civil liability, health plans, contracts for accreditation of clinics, doctors, laboratories and hospitals, consulting in the customer service, as well as litigation in general.

In the Real State and Consumer areas, we assist our clients in preventing and mitigating risks without compromising the attractiveness of their products or services.

We associate Family Law and Succession with the norms of Corporate Law, in order to advise about companies with a family control structure reorganization processes.

Also, we have structured preventive and corrective management models that seek to prevent and cure family and business conflicts, always prioritizing excellence in corporate governance.

Moreover our team of professionals has ample expertise in the patrimonial management of physical persons, as well as in the elaboration of wills and judicial and extrajudicial inventories.