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VDV Advogados works to protect the civil and property rights of its clients.

Civil Law is one of the broadest areas of law, encompassing issues related to the rights and obligations of individuals and legal entities, as well as property and succession protection. VDV Advogados has a team of specialists in Civil Law ready to assist its clients in legal issues related to this area.

Our services range from the drafting and revision of civil contracts to the defense of rights in judicial and extrajudicial processes. We also provide advice on issues related to consumer law, real estate and leasing law, family law, and succession, among others.

With a personalized and integrated approach, VDV Advogados is prepared to assist its clients in protecting their civil and property rights. We work strategically, aiming for efficient and customized solutions for each case.

Protect your civil and property rights, rely on the expertise of VDV Advogados’ Civil Law team. Contact us and find out how we can help.

We also have a focus on litigation, both regarding disputes related to already established commercial legal transactions, as well as regarding the protection of intellectual property.

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